Biological Services

  • Biological Assessments
  • Biological Resource Evaluations
  • Baseline Biological Conditions Reports
  • Focused Species Surveys & Monitoring
  • Regulatory Permitting & Environmental Compliance
  • Habitat Conservation Plan – Compliance Surveys and Planning Survey Reports
  • Wildlife Habitat Management Plans
  • Restoration Monitoring (including Greenhouse Gas Sampling)

Our staff biologist, Melissa C. Odell, M.S., is well-qualified to provide or coordinate the provision of any of the biological services listed above. Ms. Odell has over ten years of experience in wildlife biology and management ranging from private lands conservation to environmental documentation and consultation. The majority of her research and professional experience has taken place in Central Valley wetlands, grasslands and agricultural areas, but she is also particularly familiar with the flora and fauna of Central Sierra foothills, San Francisco Bay area, and Northern California coast. She possesses the field skills and knowledge needed for assessing and monitoring multiple taxa, including surveys for plants, game, non-game and special status wildlife species. Ms. Odell’s specialties include avian and amphibian surveys, ecology, and impact analysis, rangeland and wetland management, and ArcGIS analysis and mapping. She holds a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 10(a)(1)(A) Permit for California tiger salamander (CTS), California red-legged frog (CRLF) and all listed vernal pool branchiopods, as well as a California Department of Fish and Wildlife Scientific Collecting Permit. Ms. Odell holds a Master of Science degree in Avian Science from the University of California, Davis, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation from Humboldt State University.